Nomad Collapsible Bowl (S/M)

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What It Is A high-quality silicone collapsible travel bowl for small or medium dogs.

Why You’ll Love it Simply put–you’ll never find a better travel bowl for your dog. The moment you touch it, you’ll understand the quality cannot be beaten. It’s made of lightweight but heavy-duty silicone that has a yummy smooth feel. And the design details…well, we’re not called Cleverpup for nothing. We’ve added lots of special features that make feeding time safer, easier, and a lot less messy. 

The Nomad Collapsible Bowl is filled with Clever Ideas 🐾

High-quality silicone meets FDA food safety standards for humans.

Splash guard rim makes on-the-go feeding much less messy.

Built-in hook includes a snap making it easy to attach to a leash or bag.

Folds down to a superslim ¾ inch.

No metal parts for your dog to chew.

Dishwasher safe.

  • Holds 2 cups (473 ml).
  • Can be used for food or water.
  • Collapsible to 3/4".
  • Unique splash guard rim minimizes spills.
  • Made of food-safe silicone that is both BPA- and PVC-free and meets FDA food safety standards for humans. 
  • Top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning 
  • Built-in silicone loop for leash or bag attachment.

Size in inches

5” W x 2.25" H (open)

5” W x 0.75” H (flat)

Dishwasher safe. Use the top rack

  1. Is the bowl safe for my dog? It is made from high-quality silicone that’s rated human-grade food safe by the FDA. In other words, you could eat or drink out of them.
  2. Can the bowl be used for both food and water? Yes–but maybe not at the same time!
  3. How much food or water can the bowl hold? When filled to the rim, the bowl holds 2 cups (473 ml).
  4. Is the bowl easy to clean? Just put it in your dishwasher on the top rack.
  5. What makes the bowl unique for travel? It’s made of lightweight but heavy-duty silicone that is high-quality and food-safe. The collapsible design makes it easy to stash in your car or clip onto your Porter Dog Gear Backpack.  
  6. Does the bowl have any other special features? The splash guard rim keeps meals tidy and minimizes spills.
  7. Is the bowl suitable for dogs of all sizes? While it is primarily designed for small and medium dogs, large dogs can use it, too.
  8. Are Cleverpup products safe and non-toxic for dogs? Our dogs are part of our families, so we design and test everything we make to the highest standards, including the FDA’s food safety standards for humans. All Cleverpup food and play-related items are made without BPA or other chemicals that can leach into food or liquids.

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The Nomad Collapsible Bowl is packed with clever ideas

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